Apr 27 2016

May is Mircochip Awareness Month 20% OFF


If your pet were to get lost, do you think they could find their way home? Something you may not want to leave to chance. There are over 10 million dogs and cats lost or stolen every year according to the American Humane Association. Let’s take every precaution we can to keep our pets safe.


Collars and pet ID tags can help reunite lost pets, but his is not always a reliable form of identification. Most pets that come through our doors each day have collars that are very lose. These collars come off with very little effort. Metal ID tags become worn over the years, and this makes it hard to read your contact information. Microchips are a permanent form of identification.


New Years Eve and 4th of July are two days that I’m sure most dogs would like removed from our calendar. Fireworks may be something exciting for people, but for dogs can be a source of major anxiety. More pets go missing on the 4th of July then any other day of the year according to the ASPCA.


Every year when hurricane season approaches, many families put together their hurricane plan/kit. Making sure your pets are chipped should be added to your check list. Many pets were separated from their owners during Hurricane Katrina. Preparing for the onset of a hurricane can be very stressful. Plan ahead and have your pet chipped today.


There are many benefits to chipping your pet! Not only will you have peace of mind in the event your pets becomes lost, but many county licensing facilities provide a substantial discount to chipped pets.


Stuart Sound Animal Hospital will be participating in Microchip Awareness Month. During the month of May we will be discounting microchip 20% OFF. Call to set up an appointment today.


By: Lisa Bolanda


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