Jul 08 2015

Summer Heat and Pet Safety!

Summer Heat and Pet Safety!

 It is HOT outside!! There are many things that we need to prepare for during the summer months and we need to think of our pets as well.

SUNCREENHow many of you load your children up with the highest SPF you can find?  Did you ever think that your four legged little friend may need some protection as well.  Some dogs, such as white coated and hairless dogs are more likely to suffer the extreme affects of the Florida sun.  Share your sunscreen with your furry friend.  Or even better get him/her their own beach wear.

EXCERCISEIt is also important to consider time of day when deciding when going outside.  Between the hours of 10am and 4pm, I would plan short and to the point potty breaks.  Take “Fido” out for run when the weather is not so intense.  A nice early morning jog sounds great!  Also, don’t forget to bring something along to quench your pet’s thirst as well.  Many of our local pet supply companies sell portable water containers at reasonable prices.

HOT PAVEMENTOuch!  That is HOT!  I’m talking about the concrete pavement when I get out of the pool.  My children always complain when they (or I) forget to bring their flip-flops.  Our pets are not going to remind us to put their shoes on.  Doggie booties are a great way to avoid burning the pads in the heat of summer.  If your pet will not adjust to his/her footwear, try to avoid areas that get extremely hot such as metal, sand, wood, and concrete.  Have them keep their little tootsies on the grass.

H2O – Keeping your pets hydrated is very important!  Make sure your pets water bowl is full at all times.  On hot days you may need to refill your pets dish more often than normal.  Some pets also like to have their afternoon cocktail on the rocks.  Adding a few ice cube to your pets water can help keep them cool and prevent vomiting for those that drink too quickly.  Keep in mind that water sitting in a hose is very hot!!  Make sure that you check the temperature of the water coming from your hose prior to giving to your pet.  Be careful – this water can cause burns!!

HOT CARIt’s getting hot in here!  Pets can suffer heatstroke and suffocation within minutes of being left in a hot car.  Did you know that the inside of your car can reach over 150 degrees?  That’s hot enough to fry an egg!  Just remember that a cracked window is not enough to keep your pet safe in a hot car.  If for any reason you are out and about with your furry friend and you need to run an errand, Stuart Sound Animal Hospital would be happy to babysit your pet.

HEATSTROKEHeatstroke is a condition that we are seeing all too often during the summer months of Florida.  Dogs do not have the same abilities as humans to regulate their body temperature.  As their pet parents we need to make sure that our pets are kept safe.  Signs of heatstroke can include excessive panting, drooling, bright red tongue and/or gums, weakness, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, seizures and death.

Lisa Bolanda

Office Manager

If you have any questions on how to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout the summer, call us at (772) 287—0024.

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